Professional Recommendations

Rick Thompson

, Founder & CEO, FlyCast Communications, Inc. Currently Chairman Playdom, Inc, & Partner Signia Ventures)
Rob is not only an expert technologist, but a highly motivated and motivating manager. He was instrumental in turning around our production systems, which were in still in very developmental stages when he came on board. Rob worked tirelessly with multi-departmental teams to see personally to the success or our technology, business, and the success of individual members of our company. He brings the knowledge of the early designs of IP and Linux, and absorbs new technologies at lightning speed. His energy and excitement for the project were inspirational to the entire company. I would be delighted to have Rob work with me again.

Dylan Salisbury

, Sr. Developer, Flycast Communications, Inc (Colleague) Currently Sr. Software Developement Engineer, Tellme Labs 
Rob helped Flycast's operations grow from a start-up into a true world-class production network. Rob was always very cool under pressure and easy to work with, even during long rollouts or unplanned incidents. Rob also helped the greener members of the development team (such as myself) understand how production networks and services should be built out. I would love to work with Rob again 

Jodee Rich

, Project Leader, PeopleBrowsr, Inc (Direct Manager) Current
Highly recommend Rob as a smart, thorough advisor with awesome communication skills. He has a positive approach to problem solving and is a valued team member. 

Jonathan Miller

, Director of IT, (Client) Currently Managing Partner, Sino American Ventures
Rob has a strong technology background, having worked at many successful ventures, combined with a keen business sense. I first met Rob while working at Flycast and have tapped him on several projects since to help guide our strategies. I recommend Rob as a strong technology executive.