More about Rob

People say I lead a very interesting life..well..adventurous, anyway. ;) I've lived all over the US, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Reno, San Antonio, Seattle, some little towns in between- really, all over. I've traveled all over the US with my current dog, Cleopatra - by bicycle, car, airplane, even hitchhiking. Most recently, I've moved back to San Francisco from a 1yr tour of NYC. New York was fun, but it's too cold, and too hot, and I love SF. Glad to be back in the Mission District. Feels more like home than most anywhere to me. 

I'm a pretty serious geek, and do a lot of geeky stuff for fun, but what do I do "at home"

I'm a near-expert dog trainer. If you want to learn how to apply what you see in Cesar Miláns show, feel free to contact me :) I'll teach you to be the pack leader. (You'll be amazed at how much that will affect the rest of your relationships, too!) I've raised several of my own dogs, as well as a couple of litters. Te last litter raised was an astounding success. Ask me about it sometime! 

I'm also a near expert percussionist. I play several mid-eastern instruments, and will eventually learn to play eastern tablas as well. I've been playing dum for over 20 years now, and I'm finally starting to get pretty good at it. I'm big into all kinds of music, flamenco, arabic, persian, bhangra, jungle, drum&bass, house..breakbeats of all sorts. I'd especially welcome you to contact me if you're into world beat & electronica - we might have some fun! 

Ok, it's pretty geeky, but it's not usually my primary line of work: Live Sound engineering & reinforcement. I make bands sound awesome. I love to do it. Hard to make reliable money when I've been able to do it most. ;) 

The rest of my time, I'm pretty social ;) Online, IRL...I love people. Cleopatra & I can easily be spotted around town on our bike & trailer. The Google probably knows where we are ;) Or at least where we've been. Ask it! lol.