Current Clients

Robert Feizel 
San Francisco, CA
Position: Social Media Consultant / Integrator
Work Duration: Jan 2010 - Present
Background: Robert provides website development and marketing services to an array of clients, ranging from popular artists to NASA. 
  • Advise Robert & his clients on effective use of social networks to promote their businesses and brands. 
  • Assist in integration of social media into clients' websites
  • Conduct needs & requirements assessments, develop, procure, and/or install necessary tools for clients to participate fully with their fans, friends, and followers
  • Provide clients with lifestream aggregation tools to maximize impact, minimize duplicated efforts
PeopleBrowsr, Inc
Sydney, NSW & Palo Alto, Ca
Position: SysAdmin / Community Manager (contract, telecommute) 
Work Duration :  May 2009 – Present
Company Background : PeopleBrowsr provides social network monitoring and analytics tools for individuals and enterprises. We also provide social network marketing services to large brands, with a significant focus on Twitter. 

  • Day-to-Day Systems Monitoring & Administration
  • CENTOS 5x, RHEL, nagios
  • Identify, Isolate, Report, & Escalate bugs 
  • Manage user community, provide customer support
  • Assist in client campaign development 
  • Monitor social networking sites for PB & clients, create and steer online discussion
Vermeer Rocky Mountain, Inc
Billings, MT
Position: Network Administrator (contract, on-site, telecommute) 
Work Duration:  August, 2007 – Present
  • Multi-Site, mesh VPN, remote sales force
  • Administrate all network devices, including Cisco PIX Firewalls, VPN3000 series concentrator, Cisco Catalyst switches, Linux iptables router/firewall. 
  • Administrate DNS/DHCP
  • Provide support to client's other IT vendors
  • Liaison with Telecom vendors to ensure smooth operation, reporting of outages.